Beach bar in Sakarun

Amarcord in Sakarun is a small wooden house located in a former garage of fishermen, which by day serves light meals, salads and snack bar for the customers of the beautiful beach of Sakarun (one of the few Croatian) white sand. Amarcord is located on right side of this beach (looking at the sea), near the village of Veli Rat, to the north of Dugi Otok, the “long Island” in front of Zadar .


In the evening for dinner it turns into a charming restaurant reserves (also for the boats anchored in the bay) where we serve mostly sustainable seafood (at mile zero) caught and prepared by the Croatian owner, Darko, cook and fisherman, under the culinary supervision Italian wife, Beatrice. All accompanied by fine music selections and the beautiful atmosphere of the Sakarun bay at sunset.



For info and booking 

Darko Bukarica – 00385 91 1614822

Beatrice Di Lallo – 00385 91 348 8914


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